Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard Review – best affordable electric skateboard under 500

Teamgee H5 is termed as one of the thinnest electrical boards in circulation with a 15mm ultra-thin deck. Its design incorporates the drop-through technology and could be a bit lower to the bottom (3 inches off the ground) than the majority of other skateboards. When it comes to speed, this board is a beast, and not many can challenge it; making it the best affordable electric skateboard under 500 to add to your cart.

Features and Specifications

Hidden Battery Pack

The battery pack of this skateboard is hidden within the deck and not outside as with other boards. This is one of the reasons that makes its deck extremely thin. An advantage with this is that it provides the electrical board with a nice bit and feel.

Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote that comes with this board is completely different from the traditional ones. It has functions for dominating the regenerative braking system, acceleration, and speed, as well as reversing. In addition, it encompasses a reliable light and backlight for riding at night-time. This is one of the precautionary measures put in place. The wireless remote has an ‘Associate in Nursing’ alphanumeric display screen that displays the conditions of the board, prime speed, and ever-changing directions; one of its kind.

Design and Model

The board is incurved in an exceedingly incurvature that permits for excellent and comfy riding expertise. Turning and riding through the corners is additionally comfortable and easy. It measures 38 inches long, 15mm thick and 8.7 inches wide.

The Good


This is an excellent feature of the board. The deck is 15mm skinny and weighs a mere 14.6 pounds making it travel-friendly. Also, the ten layers of Canadian ply maple used in its construction ensures that it is robust enough.

Fast and Sturdy

Teamgee H5 encompasses a prime speed of 22mph. It is created with a regenerative braking system which implies that it recharges itself once riding downhill. It has a twin motor supported by 380W of power capable of giving it a 9-mile variance at a charge of 22mph. Its wheels which are 9mm wide, permit for a powerful grip. This improves the stability of the board and makes it lighter and more fun to ride on.

The Bad

Low Weight Limit

The heavier the burden of the rider the slower the board. The deck will solely accommodate a maximum weight of less than 200lbs. Any weight larger than this puts your board at a high risk of rendering it defective. This conjointly poses a greater challenge to heavy riders.

Inappropriate for Long Distances

The board is limited to a prime speed of 9 miles per charge. This makes it inappropriate for riders passionate and hooked to long-distance travels. It also means that you will have to stop recurrently to charge it.

Who Is It For?

This is an ideal electrical board for brief distance commuters particularly college students riding across the field to and from the halls. It is also favorable and ideal for the race riders thanks to its ultra-thin deck and surprisingly light-weight.


This board isn’t the fastest nor the swiftest in the market, that we have to warn you. However, it is one of the most comfortable, stable and trendiest that the market has to offer. For short distance travels, this is the choice to go for.