Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under 500 Review

Electric rides are on the rage these days, and there is no doubt about it. This is highly attributed to their uniqueness as a transportation device. Okay, this is it, in case you are of those who drool for skateboards, then it will be wise to invest in something that can offer you the perfect bang with the buck.

The electric board is popularly referred to as an own chopper. It may be used for different kinds of stuff, and I bet having one brings out the cool part in you. It is, however, complicated when it comes to the selection of the best electric skateboards available in the market.

Best Cheap Electric Board Skateboard Under 500 Review

A keen look at this article will, although, increase your chances of picking the just-perfect ride, besides bringing to limelight the ultimate guidance in your decision to purchase one. So, check out these must-have cheap electric skateboards.

Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard, 22MPH Top Speed, 760 Dual Motor, 11 Miles

You cannot afford to go for any other ride! TheH5 37″ board is one of the thinnest boards ever found with 15mm ultra deck plus 15.6 lbs. When it comes to making sharp turns, Teamgee H5 37’’ has it all. That is because it contains a soft bushing that makes the board nimble and a perfect concave deck that ensures comfort.

The 760W dual motor high speed is entirely durable and reaches up to 22MPH, making the experience real. Teamgee brings home 90MM PU wheels which disseminate the gravity hence increases the stability and the proper grip performance to ensure safety. With a one year after-sale support, the Teamgee board only takes 2 hours to fully charge its five lithium-ion batteries. This will help ensure a night drive because of the headlight design of the remote control.


  • Its board is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Beautiful design courtesy of its 10 Ply Canadian Maple
  • Perfect ride for commuters, cruising camps, and errands


  • Lacks deactivation mode, especially when separated from the remote control

Razor X Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Are you thinking of being a true millennial when it comes to a real cruiser? Well then, don’t move because the Razor board is out! Any lad or lass between 9 years and above can take pride in it. The ride is a 125 W motor with a lithium-ion battery and propels up to 10mph with a 2.4 GHz remote control.

A constant 40 minutes ride is no joke! The cruise supports 220-pound skateboard enthusiasts for a variable speed curb of the electrifying curve-turning action. The board is a straight blade made to zoom, providing a reversible kingpin truck for maximized stability and a perfect loop the loop turn!

The Razor X Cruiser comes with perfect grip Urethane wheels and an uncompromised high quality enough to satisfy styled-up youth.


  • High speed for a final mile solution
  • The E-Board is strong and sturdy just like a regular skateboard
  • The price is just appealing and fair


  • Consume much battery when speed is at maximum

Maxfind Max C Penny Electric Skateboard, 500W Hub Motor, Range 8 Miles, Speed 14mph Max Load 80kg/176lbs (Pink)

The Maxfind Max C is the kind of ride that comes when fully packed and ready to give you the ride of your life. The ride can take you anywhere with its maximum speed of 20km/h, in addition to an optimum range of 8 miles.

The ride is one of the lightest boards on the market that weighs only 8.1lbs. And if case you’re one of those who love carrying their precious jewels with them, then you won’t find any difficulties when moving the portable machine. With a low maintenance cost, this kind of cruise comes with independently replaceable tires and motors plus a motherboard.

The board provides an added advantage as it acts, as a regular skateboard in case its one-hour fully charged batteries depleted. And if you’re fussy of when it comes to colors, well then, you won’t be disappointed, because Maxfind C has a four-color option-hydrographic transfer that enabled with Carbon Fiber material.

I assure you that this stuff isn’t a joke! It includes IP65 waterproof certificate as it is the electric splashboard. It allows an instant halt from its regenerative braking system as well as ease moving forward and going backward. With that, now you’re covered!


  • Provides a tight turning radius
  • Its range matches the battery size, and this can be proved by half an hour roll which utilizes only a quarter of the battery
  • The price is fair enough
  • Perfect condition when taken out of the box


  • The battery charging requirements are a bit stringent
  • If not correctly handled, the battery may deteriorate

Maxfind Maxa Electric Skateboards 18.6mph Hub Brush Motor 8 Miles Range 176

Are you waiting for an explicitly advanced board?  Do yourself a favor and wait no more because the future is now! The Maxfind skateboard’s layout is just meticulous and provides LED lights plus easy-to-use remote control. The Electric board also ensures a comfortable ride on its solidified trucks and wheels.

Maxfind cruiser takes only a maximum of 80 minutes charge, and you’ll be ready to have a smooth ride sturdy and stable board deck. The 19mph plus the 10 miles range ensures safety for the new rider with easy use of the two-speed wireless remote control.

The Maxfind Maxa Electric Board can support up to 180lbs cruiser and perfect design for beginner riders.


  • The overall quality is good
  • The 10 miles distance is just good enough for newbie riders
  • The battery box matches its set up.


  • Comes with only one-color fashion, black
  • The price is a bit high


Having a sick quality skateboard may sometimes be a nuisance, and I bet you do not want the embarrassment of having a falling wheel during a ride, don’t you? Well then, hold your dignity tightly and consider one of these difficult to find boards and you’ll be good to go.